What are fidget toys?

Fidget toys are small devices that help you to stay on track, focus, stay calm and pay more attention. They also help to reduce boredom and stress. There are many shapes, types, and sizes of fidget devices. They range from pens, spinners, and cubes, to stress balls, tangles, and squiggles. These stress-reducing toys can be played with in a number of ways. The most recent popular fidget spinner is held in between your fingers and spun around a single ball bearing in the center. Other toys like fidget boxes or fidget cubes work by pushing random buttons that have no designated outcome, flipping switches, and turning dials.

fidget toy infographic

Who are they for?

They can be for anybody that finds themselves tapping their desk, biting their nails, restless movements or just boredom. They are especially helpful for people with ADD, ADHD, Autism and adult ADD. There is no age limit on these devices although it is recommended for some toys, 5 years and up.

How do they help?

Studies show that a productive person is not necessarily a person sitting completely still and focused. Yet if you tend to be a fidgeter the act of fidgeting will actually help you to stay on track. So having something to occupy your hands with can actually help you to be more productive with whatever task you are on. An example of this is that people who take handwritten notes have been proven to remember the information more than someone who just typed them on their laptop.

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Stress widgets may also be able to keep your mind from wondering off topic. Some studies have shown that minor distractions may benefit you by giving your mind a break from time to time.

Using Stress Balls to Focus the Attention of Sixth-Grade Learners

During a study of 6th graders were shown to have improved productivity when allowed to fidget with a stress Using Stress Balls to Focus the Attention of Sixth-Grade Learners.

The study showed that  “During direct instruction, the mean number of distractions for the 29 students visible for each five-minute video recording decreased from 3.4 to 0.5.”

fidget toy research

In another study with students in 2015, found that when students with ADHD are allowed to fidget at their desks they become more focused on their school work. In contrast when they are forced to stop moving and fidgeting they become less focused as not fidgeting almost becomes a distraction in its self.




Take control over your stress and anxiety levels

William James once said that the greatest weapon we have against stress is our inherent ability to choose one thought over the other and enhance it. A fidget spinner offers your brain satisfatory distractions just enough to keep it calm so your body doesn’t have to fidget. Basically the toy is supposed to fidget discreetly on your behalf. This is not a new innovation, it has been in use for a long time and has been proven to be one of the most effective tools to manage extreme cases of anxiety, autism, ADD and ADHD.



Get a small pocket-sized fidget toy you can carry everywhere

fidget spinners

There are many fidget cubes and spinners in the market today but only a few brands are more likely to be what you are looking for. Below are the qualities you want in good fidget spinner or cube regardless of the manufacturer or material it is made of.


  • Easy single-handed operation
  • Smooth spins and for longer
  • Stealth, zero noise
  • rounded smoother edges for ergonomic performance                                                     
  • Light and portable
  • does not break easily if dropped
  • Longer lasting material
  • High-speed bearings with spares
  • Balanced spin without wobble
  • Easy to clean and seamless to avoid dirt build up


Workplace ADD and ADHD

While toys don’t interfere with medication, they will help improve the symptoms of the ADHD and ADD patients without side effects.



Autism causes nervous overloads causing inexplicable great fear and anxiety even under ordinary circumstances. A fidget cube will help distract an autistic person from negative thoughts.


Relief for Workplace stress and anxiety

The work place can be a stressful environment causing anxiety and tension when the deadlines are close.  Symptoms include fidgeting and shifting legs or clicking of your pen. We all have experienced work stress sometime it is just a question of how much.

In conclusion fidget toys are an invaluable non-intrusive tool to deal with stress and anxiety. If you or someone in your life needs one, you should go ahead and purchase a fidget toy one because they really work. Whether or not you think you need help, just get one. It is the safest measure to counter stress yet.